Easily finding products is crucial for any e-commerce website, after all, if users can’t find the product they desire, they can’t buy it. Studies show that costumers would repeatedly abandon e-commerce websites because they were not able to find the products they were looking for.

E-commerce site navigation should help shoppers find products quickly and easily. Good navigation improves the online shopping experience and helps merchants increase sales and profits.

Below you can find some useful suggestions.

1. Include Search

One of the most important features of an e-commerce website is the search functionality. A search field should be included on EVERY page near the top.

2. Show Recently Viewed Items

Refinding a previously visited product becomes needlessly complex when the user has to rely on the browser’s native “Back” button or reuse search. Most users want to return to a certain product for different reasons ( simply check certain features or maybe try to compare it with another product).

3. Sales, Discounts, and Specials

Costumers will respond to special offers, coupons, daily offers, make sure you will have such deals, also make sure you do not include it within the main navigation.

4. Follow known design conventions

Be careful when you choose the theme for your store, some of those might look stunning, still, you need to make sure it’s navigation uses common design conventions, people are already used to it.

5. Consider having a “What’s new / New Arrivals” category

Having a What’s new category, it’s a great way of bringing your visitors and existing costumers back to your website. Depending on the products you’re selling, most of the time, people tend to be interested in the “new arrivals” categories, they want to find out what had arrived since their previous visit.

December 7, 2016