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Recentt, a very clean and simple Shopify App that introduces a different way of displaying the recently viewed items. Some of the app’s strong points are: one click install, it works out of the box, it’s available across all your store’s pages, great usability, built in search.


How does it help

Refinding a previously visited product becomes needlessly complex when the user has to rely on the browser’s native “Back” button or reuse search. Most users want to return to a certain product for different reasons ( simply check certain features or maybe try to compare it with another product).

Recentt App empowers users to easily access & search a previously visited product from anywhere within your store.


✓ One click install

✓ Easy access from any page within the store or just from product pages

✓ Users can easily access & search a previously visited product

✓ Admin customization options

✓ Built in search

✓ Custom CSS support

✓ Clean and spacious design

✓ Support


Lunar – Shopify Creative Gallery

Price: $5.00 / month

Free trial: 10 days