Key features
  1. Connect your WordPress blog with your Shopify store.

  2. Benefit from categories, tags, comments, related posts & much more.

  3. All WordPress posts are instantly available within your store.



StoryBook makes it easy to display your existing WordPress blog posts right on your Shopify store. Once connected, all WordPress posts are instantly available within your store, new posts will be available as soon as you publish.


Content type

StoryBook is able to display posts, categories, tags, comments, related, popular and recent posts and much more. Discover all the available features below.


  • Two layouts for the posts page template ( Grid and Classic )

  • Two sidebars available ( one for single post page and one for posts page )

  • Sticky post support

  • Categories page template

  • Tags page template

  • List comments support

  • Recent posts widget

  • Popular posts widget

  • Categories widget

  • Tags Widget

  • Advertisement banner widget

  • Previous/Next Post navigation

  • Post Featured Image with full srcset and alt support

  • Post excerpt/custom  excerpt support

  • Settings & custom CSS style support


How does it work

* In order to connect your WP blog with your Shopify store, we’ve also built a WordPress Plugin. The StoryBook app will connect with the plugin ( read access only ), making all your posts instantly available on demand within your Shopify store. The plugin is free and will also be published to the WP repo so you can easily update it.

* Shopify will act as a proxy when sending requests to the StoryBook app. Once you have installed and connected the app, you will be able to change the blog permalink ( ex: yourShop/community/feed )


Grid layout demo
Classic layout demo


Look & Feel

Your Shopify blog will inherit the styles from the shop’s theme, however, in order to make sure everything looks good with any theme, we’ve also added some CSS styles. You can add additional custom CSS styles from within the app > settings. Need assistance with custom styling? Don’t hesitate to contact us.



To obtain the best performance, the StoryBook app runs in the cloud and assets are hosted on AWS S3.


SSL is recommended

All Shopify stores are being securely served over HTTPS protocol, therefore your WordPress website should also be served over HTTPS protocol otherwise images from blog posts won’t be displayed within your Shopify blog.


Page response time

Shopify blog pages response time will depend on your WordPress website response time. Having a proper hosting for your WordPress website will speed up your Shopify blog. As for our blog demo preview, we’ve only installed the blog on a “low” shared hosting system, therefore you can get a good idea about these hosting conditions.



The StoryBook app handles uninstall gracefully. We don’t leave anything behind. We never place any asset within your theme folders. Once uninstalled all data about your shop

Install app Preview demo



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