Key features


  1. Structured content.

  2. Accessible information.

  3. Track customer satisfaction and visits for each article.



Atlas makes it easy to create a knowledge base right within your Shopify store. A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about products, services, or different topics like shipping, returns, payment methods, frequently asked questions and such.


Deep linking

Atlas supports deep linking, more you can edit each article and category slug. Ex: your-shop/knowledge-base-page/category-slug/article-slug.
Keeping this in mind, you can optimize the articles for search engines so that when a prospective customer searches the Web for a solution that your product offers, your knowledge base articles show up in the search results.



Built-in search for titles and small description with text-score results and custom search result page are implemented within all Atlas pages.



Track customer satisfaction and visits for each article, identify where you can improve.


No restrictions

Unlimited articles, categories, visits, search requests and assets storage on Amazon AWS S3 cloud.



Atlas supports custom styles and custom code blocks. Code blocks could be any HTML tags or JavaScript. As an example, this could be useful if you decide to add a chat initialization script.



Atlas supports short description for both categories and articles. Titles and short description effectively summarize concepts and ideas. People can easily navigate through content pages and find what they are looking for.



Atlas works on all mobiles, tablets, browsers, and OS.


Look & Feel

Your knowledge base page will inherit the styles from the shop’s theme, however, in order to make sure everything looks good with any theme, we’ve also added some CSS styles. You can add additional custom CSS styles from within the app > settings. Need assistance with custom styling? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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